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Wentworth Castle and Northern College for residential and non-residential adult education Virtual Tour - The Corinthian Temple
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The Corinthian Temple

During the 18th century follies were built by landowners as a visible expression of status and standing. These frequently were built in styles that echoed antiquity, thereby reinforcing links with the past and adding a sense of gravity and standing. Wentworth Castle, the site of Northern College possesses a number of these so called follies. The temple was built in 1766 as both a folly and summer house for the second Earl (William Wentworth) and his family. If you look carefully at the architectural style you will be able to see that it included four corinthian columns in order to mirror the architectural style of the Palladian wing and to provide a sense of cohesion to the overall building.

The architecture of these garden structures also reflects the 'romantic theme' portrayed in many images of 18th century life and would certainly have been a focus for entertainment. It is easy to imagine the Wentworths entertaining at home, inviting friends to the castle and using the folly as a place to site and listen to music or see a performance of drama. If viewed from a distance the folly would have made an impressive sight on the horizon adding an air of extravagance to the newly designed gardens at Wentworth Castle.


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