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Wentworth Castle and Northern College for residential and non-residential adult education Virtual Tour - Lady Lucy's Walk
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Lady Lucy's Walk

A visit to Northern College would not be complete without a visit to Lady Lucy's walk. As with other parts of the college it is shrouded in mystery and magic with rumours of ghosts and ghouls. The avenue of lime trees is named after Lucy, the daughter of Thomas Wentworth. Legend has it that she fell in love with one of the gardeners on the estate and when her father ruled against the marriage that she died of a broken heart. If the stories are to be believed her spirit can be seen to this day wandering the gardens in search of her lost love.

Looking in a north easterly direction from the top of Lady Lucy's walk it is possible to see the pillared barn which is an eighteenth century Tuscan style agricultural barn on top of stone pillars. This building was restored in the 1980s although indications are that the site it currently occupies is different from its original position, having being moved from elsewhere on the estate.


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