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Wentworth Castle and Northern College for residential and non-residential adult education Virtual Tour - The Union Jack Garden
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The Union Jack Garden

This part of the grounds has been known by many names including the star garden and the union jack garden. Interestingly the area dates from 1713-1719 and would originally have been a formal wilderness garden. The terms wilderness probably brings to mind wild planting schemes but in fact in the eighteenth century it was a term used to describe an area that was densely planted with trees and shrubs. To gain a sense of what this looked like at the time it is possible to consult engravings that date from the 1730s where it is possible to see the extent of the original structure. Two areas were designed in the shape of a union jack flag (hence one of the names for this part of the grounds). These beds contained oak and were edged with yew, holly and laurel, trimmed to ensure that it kept its original shape.


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