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Wentworth Castle and Northern College for residential and non-residential adult education Virtual Tour - The Victorian Wing (1890's)
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The Victorian Wing (1890's)

The mid to late nineteenth century witnessed the final construction works that have given us the building we presently see before us. The Wentworths were succeeded by the Vernon-Wentworths who were keen to put their mark on the structure and grounds and they did this through rebuilding the church behind the stable block and adding the conservatory to the house that you may have seen on the television show 'restoration'.

The conservatory was a construction of its time with an inbuilt watering system, a ventilation system and was one of the first conservatories to use electric lighting. It's style is similar to that seen in the buildings of the great exhibition and very typical of the Victorian period. Steve Jones, historian describes the development of the conservatory in the following way,

It (the conservatory) was commissioned by Thomas Vernon Wentworth (as they now styled themselves) from Crompton & Fawkes of Chelmsford and was completed between 1886 and 1891. Its positioning, on the same elevation as the Corinthian Temple and on the same axis as the Palladian Wing continued the Strafford's love of relating the positioning of house and garden structures one with another. What better way to enhance their social standing and demonstrate their affluence, taste and interest in the latest engineering and scientific developments?'

At some point an ice house was built (the equivalent of an underground freezer to keep food fresh). This is a Victorian feature and was discovered as late as 1998 when its entrance was found following the collapse of the car park.

Finally in 1897 we see the addition of the final wing of the house which provided the more functional elements you would expect to see in a building of this nature including a kitchen area, extra bedrooms and bathrooms. From 1900 in terms of the building little more was added with the exception of electric lighting and other modern facilities.


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