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Wentworth Castle and Northern College for residential and non-residential adult education Virtual Tour - The Conservatory
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The Conservatory

Wentworth castle's conservatory was an architectural and engineering triumph of its day. Commissioned by Thomas Vernon Wentworth from Crompton and Fawkes of Chelmsford, the structure was completed at some point between 1886 and 1891 and possessed a number of innovative features including a subterranean watering system and complex electric lighting. It was a real reflection of Victorian engineering at its best.

The structure is huge, covering the equivalent of 1 1/2 tennis courts and a volume greater than 17 London double decker buses. Recently restored it is possible to gain a feel for the scale and admire the intricate ironwork and the geometric patterns of the tiling scheme that gives the building a feel of a Byzantine palace and brings a touch of the orient to Yorkshire. This photo show the conservatory before the restoration.


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