Course description

Is the weather now the same as it was when you were young? Are you noticing more in the news about changes to the natural world? Climate change is happening all around us; would you like to learn more? 

This short English and maths course will help you to improve your skills whilst learning about what is happening to the natural world. Do you want to make a change? Join us to find out how. 

What you will learn about: 

  • Impacts on daily life and what I can do about it  
  • Impacts upon the natural world  
  • Rising temperatures, rising sea levels, reduction of polar ice caps  
  • Formal Letter, email writing and discussion to get your point across 
  • Appropriate language and vocabulary 

What can this course lead to?

Functional Skills qualifications in English or maths

Level 1 Certificate in understanding climate change & environmental awareness

Course session dates

Session dates for 22 May 2023 - 23 May 2023

  • Monday 22 May 2023 to Tuesday 23 May 2023

Session dates for 24 July 2023 - 25 July 2023

  • Monday 24 Jul 2023 to Tuesday 25 Jul 2023