Course description

Do you sometimes wish you were more confident with your digital skills? 

This course introduces you to the basic digital skills which are important in the modern world. 

You will cover: 

  • using devices and handling information 
  • creating and editing documents 
  • communicating online 
  • carrying out online transactions 
  • being safe and responsible online. 

Don’t miss out on improving these important skills, it’s easier than you might think! 

If you are interested in developing your IT skills, you can access this course as part of an 11 week programme to give you all the basic skills you will need. 

If you are interested in Business, you can access this course as part of an 11-week programme that will start with the basics and lead up to level 1 and 2 certificates. Gateway to Business – Northern College

What can this course lead to?

Essential Digital Skills qualifications.