Course description

Join us in the beautiful environment at Wentworth Castle on a six-week summer project.

This is very much a practical course designed to allow you to explore and experiment with the many aspects of horticulture and, hopefully, become hooked and prepared for further study and work in this area.

You will study:

  • The pioneers responsible for landscape design, including the estate around Northern College.
  • Plant biology, to learn about the needs of plants and how we can use these to ensure fertility and sustainability to feed an ever-growing population.
  • The effect of horticulture on the diversity of plants in different environments.
  • And you will learn and practice techniques designed to count plant populations over a large area, amongst many other things.

During this 5-week course you will also develop English, maths and digital skills and become more confident and effective in the way you work, and better prepared for further study and the world of work.

Course content

This course includes both outdoor and classroom sessions. Please bring suitable footwear and clothing to explore outside, dependent upon weather.