Course description

Are you a parent or carer? You will be concerned that the young people in your care are protected whilst they are online. But do you know of all the pitfalls, and have strategies in place for dealing with them?
This short course will start to look at some of the main issues connected to children being safe online, and some of the ways that you can avoid a negative impact of them joining in with the digital world. The course covers:

  • understanding the principles of online safety
  • identifying the issues related to young people using the internet
  • knowing what action to take to prevent/mitigate negative use of the internet.

Keep right up-to-date and learn some great tips to help ‘Keep YOUR Kids Safe Online’.

What can this course lead to?

Further introductory courses such as:

Introduction to Cloud Computing
Essential Digital Skills Qualifications.

Course session dates

This is a one-day course for

  • 25 April 2023