Course description

The aim of this engaging and interactive two-day course is to provide a basic understanding of how marketing is used by businesses/groups to attract new and keep customers. 

This includes also how social media can be used to market a group, team, or organisation.  

You will develop a deeper understanding of the variety of social media platforms available and what they are best used for.  

If you are interested in Business, you can access this course as part of an 11-week programme that will start with the basics and lead up to level 1 and 2 certificates. Gateway to Business – Northern College

Course session dates

Session dates for 19 January 2023 - 20 January 2023

  • Thursday 19 Jan 2023 to Friday 20 Jan 2023

Session dates for 18 May 2023 - 19 May 2023

  • Thursday 18 May 2023 to Friday 19 May 2023