Course description

Are you interested in learning about Web Programming? On this short course, you will learn some basic programming skills to: 

  • create a web page  
  • recognise how to create and use hyperlinks to link pages using code 
  • edit a CSS file and link it to a HTML page to change its appearance. 

There are some real complexities attached to this course, but you will have a real sense of achievement once you have finished and will be able to impress your friends with this new-found knowledge! 

What can this course lead to?

This course will support you to progress onto further short courses with us. Our Student Support Services team will work with you to design a personalised learning journey based on your needs and aspirations.

Course session dates

Session dates for 9 January 2023 - 10 January 2023

  • Monday 09 Jan 2023 to Tuesday 10 Jan 2023

Session dates for 20 July 2023 - 21 July 2023

  • Thursday 20 Jul 2023 to Friday 21 Jul 2023