GCSE and Functional Skills

English and Mathematics qualifications

GCSE and Functional Skills qualifications in English and mathematics are free to anyone who doesn’t already have either a GCSE grade 4 (C grade), or a Level 2 in the specific subject. This means that the Government will fund your English and maths studies until you achieve either of these grades regardless of your age, or whether or not you are in work.

All of these qualifications, regardless of level, are stepping-stones to personal development which will serve you well throughout your life, develop your ability to function competently in the workplace, and very possibly inspire you to develop and achieve your goals and dreams.

Northern College’s achievement rate at GCSE Grade 4 or above stands at 84.6%, where the national average is 67.1% and our pass rate is an impressive 100%. 

Functional Skills in English and Maths are qualifications which are recognised and valued by employers. Level 2 Functional Skills are also more and more acceptable to Universities, depending upon what type of Higher Education course you want to do.

GCSE English and Mathematics at Grade 4 or above is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ for English and Mathematics qualifications for entry into University and by employers. This achievement will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs, as well as providing you with a more academic approach toward study and your thinking skills.

Learn more and apply for all of our English and Maths qualifications via these links:

Maths https://apply.northern.ac.uk/applyonline.asp?CR=33

English https://apply.northern.ac.uk/applyonline.asp?CR=34