Free Thinking

The Northern College Free Thinking Programme:
Education for the survivors of Modern Slavery

As one of the country’s leading adult colleges, we have gained the expertise and the experience to make real, lasting change to survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking lives and your donation will help us to do this.

Northern College in South Yorkshire has launched a pioneering ‘Free Thinking Programme’; this programme, the first of its kind in the UK, will prepare survivors of modern slavery and human trafficking for living and working in the UK. These survivors have very little or no access to further education. This lack of access to education could be a significant factor in their re-entry into modern slavery or exploitative work.

Northern College’s response has been to develop the ‘Free Thinking Programme’ for students who have experienced significant trauma through modern slavery and human trafficking. The students will stay at the college for short intensive periods, in a supportive learning environment which allows them to focus on a future of freedom either in the UK or in their country of origin.

The programme is responding to an educational need for survivors, its aim is to rebuild self-confidence and trust and encourage independence in people who have often been subject to appalling treatment at the hands of traffickers.

As well as aiming to rebuild self-confidence and trust and encourage independence, the Free Thinking Programme will provide survivors with opportunities to develop their English Language and ICT Skills, Applying for Work, Interview Techniques, Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace, Team Skills, Dealing with Conflict and Living in the UK.

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