The college has a Social Centre, where students can play pool, watch television and socialise. Some learners find the location of Northern College ideal for activities such as cycling and walking. The surrounding countryside is beautiful at all times of the year and footpaths are well-signposted. Students have free admission to the Trust grounds whilst they are on courses here. The local sports centre, Barnsley Metrodome, offers our students access to a wide range of sports and leisure activities including swimming, five-a-side, badminton, a climbing wall, sauna and fitness suite.

College Bar

The Long Barn bar offers a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and is accessible to students with disabilities and is also an ideal venue for functions. The bar is a great place to unwind and chat with friends after a hard day studying.


The college’s catering service aims to provide a wide range of high quality food for a broad range of tastes and dietary requirements. The Catering Service is constantly seeking to update and improve the levels of service available. Residential student fees include accommodation, breakfast and evening meal in the Dining Room. A pay as you eat system is operated for non-resident students, staff and visitors.