Student Union

During the academic year, there is a Student Union
presence at the college.

The Student Union is affiliated with the National Union of Students and is run by elected members, selected from the Level 2 and the Access to HE Diploma courses. These students are in college throughout the whole academic year and are on site most days. However, they are there to represent the whole student body and they are your voice whilst you are in college. There is a Student Union notice board giving names and contact details of the elected officers. They are elected by the Level 2 and Access to HE cohorts in October each year.

The Officers of the Students Union are:
  • The President
  • The Vice-President
  • The Welfare Officer
  • The Entertainment Officer
  • The Women’s Officer
  • The Health and Safety, Environmental Office
  • The Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Equal Opportunities Officer