About Northern College

We are a small college but have over 4,000 student registrations a year. People come to us from many different backgrounds. They are men and women of all ages from 19 to 90, often with families and many familiar with unemployment or part-time, low paid jobs.

But what they nearly all have in common is their determination to secure the education, qualifications and opportunities they have previously been denied. They wish to take control of their lives and change them for the better. Many hope that by doing this they can also help to improve the lives of those around them, by supporting their children’s learning or being more effective citizens. We offer a curriculum which starts from where students are, building on the experience of life and work that they bring with them, providing opportunities to acquire the new knowledge, skills and fresh understanding that are so important if people are to meet the demands made upon them.

The college’s educational programmes provide a direct route from basic education through to higher education for those who want it. Whether students wish to learn something new, brush up on things they have forgotten, make a better contribution to a group or organisation to which they belong, or get a degree, the Northern College has something for them. Most of our courses are short, intensive residential courses of 2 to 5 days, running both during the week and at weekends. We offer a one year Access to HE course and also have some non-residential provision at college. We work closely with a range of community groups and offer specially designed courses for their members; other courses are open to all.  The Northern College teacher education programme specialises in social purpose education and draws many students from community partners.

Finally, we believe that our students deserve the best we can provide, and that we as a college, must do our utmost to secure the best for them. As well as our magnificent buildings, a key strength is the expertise and commitment of our staff – all our staff, be they teachers, managers, catering, cleaning or maintenance workers – work hard to support the welfare and success of our students. I would like to warmly welcome you to Northern College and hope that you will find much to interest you on our website.

Yultan Mellor
Yultan Mellor
Principal and Chief Executive 



Study with us. 

A quick step guide!

How to start: 

At Northern College we have a number of ways in which you can apply to come and study with us. 

  • You can come to campus to have a chat with one of our Student Support Services Team.
  • Visit our website and search for a course.
  • Contact us by email or telephone.

What next: 

Choose a course – we have many courses available and we also have a number of methods of delivery to enable you to choose whether to come to campus or study at home.  You can speak to one of our Student Support Services Team or one of our tutors to help you decide which course is for you. After which you can then apply. You can also apply directly if you are sure which course you would like to study.


You can  apply online at www.northern.ac.uk , or complete an application over the phone. You will be able to tell us if you feel you may require additional learning support. It may be that you are eligible for full remission for course fees and also be eligible for financial support; this will be explained to you, along with how to access any additional learning support you may require. 

Once we have received your application form you will receive an email or text to let you know we have received it and to tell you what happens next.

Interview selection: 

Some of our longer courses (more than 25 hours) may require an interview and selection process. After your application has been processed you will receive information about what you will be expected to do; for example, an interview, a short task or personal statement. You may also be asked to complete a short assessment to check your maths and English skills. We will guide you through this process so you can be sure what is expected of you.

An offer: 

Once you have attended your interview (long course) or submitted your application for a short course and have met the requirements for entry, we will send you an email confirming whether you have been offered a place on your chosen course. If you want to accept the place you must confirm this by email or by using the digital confirmation code.  If you are unable to do this, you can confirm by speaking to Student Support Services. 

If you have not been accepted onto your first choice of course the Student Support Services Team will offer you an advice and guidance session so we can find you a suitable alternative or direct you to an education provider who may be able to meet your needs. 

If you have indicated that you may need additional learning support, we carry out an assessment at this point so you can get the help you require to complete your course successfully.


For our longer courses we will offer a day for you to come to College to complete all your enrolment documents.  We will ask you to bring proof of identity and method of payment for the course or proof of benefit if you are entitled to course fee remission. 

For our short courses you will enrol on the morning of your first day and again will need proof of identity and method of payment for the course or proof of benefit if you are entitled to course fee remission. 

After you have enrolled you will be given a lanyard with your student identity card. You will be expected to wear this at all times when you are on College premises.   


Once you are enrolled you can start your chosen study path and we can welcome you as a student of Northern College.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding adult residential and community education for the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities.

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