Course description

Students will study the principles of digital design, working with photos, videos, images, and animation to produce multimedia content. They will use tools such as digital cameras, photo editing software, and their own imagination to create eye catching, ear grabbing, visual and audio files for social media and other platforms. 

Course content

The course covers digital photography and photo editing, understanding social media and the people who use social media, creating graphics for online platforms, capturing and editing video, and creating stop-motion animation. All of these skills are taught to a baseline level, preparing each student for further learning in the topic.

What can this course lead to?

The course could lead onto accredited courses in the subject, or onto other Northern College digital courses, such as software development, where the material created in this course could be used.

Course session dates

Useful information

The course is 8 days long, 2 days each week for 4 weeks. All equipment is provided, but personal cameras can be used if preferred.