Course description

In recent years there have been significant changes to employment law in the UK.  The TUC Employment Law Certificate is a practical training course, designed for trade union workplace reps. It approaches the law from this perspective and its principal concern is how knowledge of and confidence in using employment law can improve workplace bargaining, terms and conditions. It is not aimed at legal professionals or the finer points of technical interpretation of the law.

Course content

This course will be delivered over 10 weeks in a classroom every week.

 The Key elements of the course are:

  • Employment rights at work
  • Sources for researching employment rights
  • Contracts of employment
  • Dismissal protection
  • Keeping, enforcing and improving rights at work
  • Using employment law at work – a trade union approach
  • The Employment Tribunal and the role of ACAS
  • Employment law research project

Course session dates

Useful information

This course will be delivered at Northern College

  • Monday 16th September 2024 to Monday 25th November 2024 (No classes Monday 28th October)

This course will be delivered at Northern College

  • Tuesday 29th April 2025 to Tuesday 8th July 2025 (No classes Tuesday 27th May).