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Why we champion face-to-face learning 

March 16, 2023

As we all know, the pandemic set in motion changes across society – the way we work, the way we socialise and the way we learn. 

The greater focus on online learning was a necessity during the lockdowns and restrictions and we understand the flexible nature of learning this way – but here at Northern College we champion face-to-face teaching. 

We believe, for our students, that in person teaching is the best way to learn and gain qualifications. Face to face learning is an effective way to develop knowledge and skills because it combines different ways of learning including writing, reading, discussion, presentations, projects, group work, film clips, demonstration and practice. 

Being based at Wentworth Castle in acres of National Trust grounds and having the residential offer means that you are immersed in the experience even more.  

The advantages of Face-to-Face Learning in the classroom 

  • You’ll be able to concentrate harder on your learning because there’ll be less distraction than if you were at home.  
  • You have a greater chance of completing your course successfully by doing it in a classroom situation (Completion rate of teacher-led classes is almost 5x higher than that of online learning). 
  • You can access more information and richer understanding through teacher and other students’ body language and voice.  
  • You can connect with, problem-solve, and network with other students from a wide range of backgrounds. 

To find out more about the types of courses we offer visit the website or come and see us for yourself at our next Open Day. 

Less Distractions  

More Support  

Better Results  

Face-to-face learning at Northern College 

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