Course description

Central to this journey is a 100-hour supervised practicum, offering real-world experience under the guidance of seasoned professionals. You will need to ensure you have your placement organised prior to the start of the course in September with a view to commencing it November or December time.

Students considering this program should understand that it involves a deeply experiential learning process, supplemented by self-awareness exercises. Such activities are intensive and require a high level of personal engagement and interaction with fellow learners. Prospective students will be informed about the nature of these requirements either through an interview or a pre-course meeting, ensuring clarity on the personal investment and the introspective nature of the course.

This course is part-time over 2 years.

Subject to approval

Session dates are for year 1

Course content

Units studies include:
Professional Organisational Issues in Counselling
Counselling in a Diverse Society
Counselling Theory
Advanced Counselling Skills
Self-awareness for counsellors
Research Methodologies in Counselling
Counselling Placement

What can this course lead to?

There is potential for this qualification to help learners looking for employment in a particular variety of settings e.g. GP practices and voluntary and statutory organisations.

Course session dates